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Remodeled pool, installed new equipment, resurfaced cool deck: First I did my homework. Second I hired the best company ASP. I contacted numerous “remodel” companies; “Aquavida”, “CDC”, and “Paddock”. Don’t waste your time with these guys. With these other companies your going to talk to a sales person that have to maintain a “Bottom Line”. They want to remodel your pool; get-in and get-out (and then, you will never see them again). With ASP (Kristian) your dealing with a very experienced and honest person that owns this company. What impressed me the most was that he did not try to “up-sell” me on anything. He actually talked me out of things I really didn’t need. When did that last happen to you? All the other companies talked about: “there may be additional costs”. I’m sure if I used them there would have been. Not With ASP. The Final price was just slightly under the estimate. Flexibility – We made adjustments as the project went on. ASP made these adjustments as an experienced pool company would. The project was not delayed and was complete 1 day prior. Quality – Great job! ASP employees were always on time, respecting our property and privacy. The owner (Kristian) contacted us every day of the project and visited our remodel to verify progress. Would Paddock, CDC, Aquavida send the owner of the company to insure things were being done right and to the customers satisfaction. I don’t think so! I hired ASP to maintain my pool too. They remodeled my pool, installed new equipment, and resurfaced our pool deck. It is really nice to have the people that did the work show up every week to insure everything is working the way its supposed to. Do yourself a favor and hire ASP. If you have to do your “Homework” (like I did) the last call you should make is to ASP (Kristian). I bet they beat that offer and they won’t skim on materials and quality. I have said a lot of nice things about ASP (Kristian) and it’s all true. I am not a relative or an employee/friend. I was just blow away at the quality, price, and honesty compared to others in the industry. I don’t write reviews. This is my first one (that should tell you something). – J. Cerrito


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